logo pingerSan Jose-based Pinger, Inc. announced today that it is expanding its messaging service to millions of Blackberry users. Pinger, which provides text messaging for your voice, today released a mobile application to optimize the Pinger experience for Blackberry users. Pinger is also expanding general support for mobile phones on nearly every US mobile carrier. Pinger claims they can cover over 95 percent of US mobile subscribers.

According to Pinger, the application is an easy and fast way to message groups or individuals.

"With the Blackberry application, we've finally made it easy for Blackberry customers to message with their lungs when they can't use their thumbs," said Greg Woock, CEO of Pinger.

Pinger, which was started in 2005 by two former Palm executives, has grown rapidly since its beta launch in September 2006, increasing its user base by an average of 20 percent per week

"With this upgrade, getting your first Pinger voice message is as easy as receiving a text message," Woock said. "Pinger already is changing the way people communicate by bringing back the personality of voice to today's mobile messaging mix." People can receive their first Pinger message without having to sign up for the service.

After importing and adding contacts, Pinger members can send a message by simply saying the name of the person or group they want to message. Pinger members also can access, manage and even send and receive voice messages through a web interface.

Pinger's heaviest users according to the company are mobile professionals who rely on Pinger voice messaging to stay in touch while in the car, walking between meetings or otherwise on the go. The Pinger Blackberry application gives users one-click access to their last 10 Pinger messages and streamlines the notification and retrieval process. Blackberry customers will automatically get the Pinger Blackberry application when they sign up to Pinger at http://www.pinger.com/.

Pinger no longer requires new users to sign up for the Pinger service to begin receiving voice messages on their mobile phones. Instead, Pinger members can send Pinger voice messages to new users, directly to their mobile phone, even if the intended recipient is not a Pinger member. Recipients receive a text message prompting them to click and call a local phone number to instantly hear the Pinger voice message with no annoying prompts or lengthy greetings.

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