PingChat! is one of many cross platform instant messaging applications that lets you chat with friends and family on other devices without touching your text messaging plan. While nothing can beat BlackBerry Messenger, it lets me communicate with those around me especially traitorous family members who switched platforms. Just kidding, I love my family. As long as I get to keep my S and R it's all good.

The only thing I didn't like about PingChat! was switching devices. It was not a friendly process at all. Usually it required unregistering the Ping! ID from the old device and re-registering on the new one or creating a new one when all else fails. Good news is this latest release lets users switch devices by clicking on "Release Old Account" from the signup screen. So if you haven't grabbed the other recent updates be sure to pick this one up.

More information / download PingChat! from BlackBerry App World 

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