Seesmic and jointly announced today that has been acquired by Seesmic. As we have seen recently Seesmic is getting deeply involved in everything "social networking" so the acquisition of just makes total sense. In case you are unfamiliar with, is a social networking and micro blogging service that enables users to post to a ton of social networks simultaneously. Seesmic, running along the same vein, started its life off as an online video hosting site driven by the community. But, video alone was not enough to make Seesmic reach the popularity Loic Le Meur, Seesmic founder, had envisioned. Seesmic began branching out and integrating social networks such as Facebook and Twitter and purchased the popular Twitter client Twhirl. That acquisition gave focus to where Seesmic was headed, and now, we have Seesmic making its name in many way onto many platforms, including BlackBerry, Android and iPhone and that is just in the mobile market. Seesmic is going after the desktop PC and Mac space as well with all their ventures.

The focus here, however, is that of the BlackBerry nature. Most recently, Twitter clients have been hitting hard on the BlackBerry platform and Seesmic, seeing this, wasted no time in jumping in on the action with the release of their Seesmic for BlackBerry client. The client has grown in a very short time with Seesmic accepting feedback from its users and implementing changes rather quickly. Overall, the acquisition of by Seesmic should be a great thing for BlackBerry users in the consumer space.

As it stands, social networking sites are tops when it comes to applications on BlackBerry Smartphones and everyone is out to create the application which brings total communication convergence to our lives. With support for over 50 social networks already available to, Seesmic is hoping to be just that application that everyone must have to keep in touch. You have friends on Twitter, you have friends on Facebook. Perhaps you use MySpace, or maybe you run your own blog that you would like to keep updated on the go. and Seesmic can do that and much more for you even in its current state. But, as time goes on we will see better uses of these services being brought together to form what will hopefully be one great application for BlackBerry Smartphones which allows us to communicate without having to use multiple resources to get to one end result.

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