One tip that I use almost daily for my calendar seems to go unnoticed by many BlackBerry 10 users. While we have a great list of tips for using the calendar on BlackBerry 10, one more that we can add to the list is using pinch-to-zoom to get a better view of your daily appointments. 

Some days my calendar is packed with all kinds of appointments, so to help break things down I find it awesome that you can pinch-to-zoom to get a better view of your day.

If you want a full 24-hour view you can pinch two fingers to zoom out and see all of your items, however you may notice that some have no text, only the calendar color. This is most common with 30-minute appointments.

To get a better look, simply use two fingers and pull away to zoom out, instantly giving you a closer look at your appointment in more detail.

It's not the most fun-filled feature there is but it's certainly one I find myself using all the time. Give it a try for yourself and let us know what you think!