Pinball Deluxe HD

One of my favorite BlackBerry games for as long as I can remember has been Pinball Deluxe. I remember when we first saw it in action and I was totally blwon away. I had it on my Torch 9800, then my PlayBook and now it has a happy home on my BlackBerry Z10 as well. If you're at all a pinball fan then you'll want to scrounge up $2.99 and but this one for sure. Pinball Deluxe HD features five tables each with their own unique style. All the real-world pinballness is there as well - tilt, nudge, ball capture and multi-ball - you can't go wrong. Pinball Deluxe HD plays great on the Z10 and is certain to help kill some time when you are on the train or chilling in a waiting room. Hit up the link below for more.

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