Update: Looks like this was just a limited promotion over the weekend - it still showed in App World today however, so our apologies. You can still grab the paid version of Pinball Deluxe here.

We first saw Pinball Deluxe back in May of last year and to date has been the only game I have actually kept installed on my Torch. The simple, smooth gameplay makes it a great time killer with awesome replay value. If you're at all a fan of pinball then this is the game to have. If you didn't pick it up before, you can grab it free from BlackBerry App World. It works on most devices (the play on the Torch is the best by far) and will soon become one of your favorites as well I'm sure. Features include:

  • Plunger, Flippers, Bumpers, Targets, Roll-over, Slingshots, Ramps, Mini-Games, Captures, Nudge/Tilt, etc...
  • Realistic Physics
  • Smooth animation at over 25 fps
  • Unlock the Haunted Mansion and play with 2 balls!
  • Access the Arcade section and play "Truck Attack"
  • Play the "Mirror House", a mini Pinball with reverse controls
  • Customs sounds and vibration

Check out the video above then head to the link below to pick it up for yourself. It's free so you have no excuses! Go now!!

More information/download of Pinball Deluxe Free