A game about badges - surely not. Well it is but you don't need to pin them on anything. Pin Fall is a puzzle style game where the badges fall from the top of the screen and you must swipe matching ones to destroy them. There is no limit to how many adjoining badges you can swipe but don't let the screen fill up to the top or it will be game over. It's actually much more fun than it sounds!

There are three version of the game within Pin Fall. First up is Levels - which is pretty self explanatory. As you would expect the levels start easy and get harder and harder as you progress. Next up is Rush. Here you are up against the clock - just to add extra pressure. And finally is Chill - where there are no levels or time restraints and you can just brush up on your skills.

The game is accompanied by some nice music as well as realistic sound effects when the pins drop onto the screen. The colours are rich and vibrant and the game really is a joy to use. I'm not normally a fan of this style of puzzle game but I keep finding myself going back to it - a good sign.

Pin Fall will set you back £1.50/$2.00 and if you fancy a fun challenge I would highly recommend it. Having the nice big display on the BlackBerry Z10 is making gaming so much fun on BlackBerry.

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