Do you have to take medication on a daily basis? If so you are going to love Pillbox for BlackBerry 10 handsets as it not only will allow you to list your meds, but it also has calendar integration too - meaning you won't ever forget to take your drugs. 

As well as the app being damn awesome, it's free to download so it should be pretty popular for you folk that need to take medication for whatever reason. 

As you'll see in the video once you launch the app you will have two tabs at the base of the display. You need to start with the + one to add a pill. You will be able to name it, add the milligrams, frequency, plus more and the bit I like is that you can choose the color that the pill icon will show up as. Once that's done, and saved you can add more if you require them - all with different colors. 

And to ensure you don't forget to take your medication you can tap the clock tab and it will allow you to enter a reminder into your calendar - sweet. 

The app is simple, yet so effective and with a clean, crisp user interface it really is a must have app if you are sick. 

Download PillBox for BlackBerry 10