If you like fun, challenging, puzzle style games such as Cut the Rope or World of Goo I suspect that Piggy Biggy will be right up your street. This one is another physics based BlackBerry 10 game where you need to feed Piggy the coins - easier said than done. 

As you'll see from the video many of the levels adopt a different style. With some you will need to swipe through blocks to destroy them - freeing up the coins path. On others you'll have another character to help you and there are even tilt control levels which add some nice spice to the game. 

Graphics wise Piggy Biggy is bright, crisp and full of goodness. He makes some funny noises too when he collects a coin - no big deal, but the noise amuses me. 

If you're up for a challenge and like some variation in your games, Piggy Biggy gets the thumbs up from me and the best news is that it's free. Unfortunately it is only all touch BlackBerry 10 handsets that are supported so you hardware keyboard lovers are going to have to give this one a miss. 

Features include:

  • Funny and adorable piggy character
  • Physics-based game
  • Gradually more and more logically challenging
  • Facebook friend challenges
  • Variety of user actions: destroy blocks, spit explosive seeds, steer a little car, explode magnetic bombs and several more

More information/Download Piggy Biggy for BlackBerry 10