PictureDial made our Software Roundup back in early August and gained more than a few fans in the BlackBerry community. With so many BlackBerry Storm owners looking for apps optimized for their devices I figured it wouldn't hurt to blog up a dedicated post now that PictureDial is Storm ready (and PLEASE RIM... release the 4.7 Plazmic CDK so we can get themes!!!). Here's the word on PictureDial:

With PictureDial for the Storm, you can dial contacts, send SMS/PINs, email and browse websites using picture ids. No need to remember phone numbers again or what the person looks like. Just snap the picture with the camera application or use any GIF, PNG or JPG picture and use it in Picture Dial.

Not only can you dial contacts but you can also send SMS/PIN, Email and browse contact website.

Note: Assign PictureDial to the left or right side convenience button for quick access. Go to the Options application and select Screen/Keyboard to assign it.



  • Supports Storm 9500 and 9530
  • Supports PNG, GIF and JPG pictures
  • Supports Internal and SD card memory
  • Supports Contact lookup when creating new Picture Dials
  • Supports Landscape and Portrait modes
  • Send SMS/PIN and Email
  • Browse contact website
  • Rearrange PictureIDs
  • Swipe to see more picture IDs
  • Send quick SMS. No need to type
  • Edit and crop picture
  • Custom color for contact labelling
  • Run PictureDial in background for instant access to your Picture Dials
  • Very easy to use
PictureDial is available for $5.95 and a free trial is available. If you give it a go, be sure to drop your feedback in the comments!