Are you an aspiring developer looking to get your idea turned into a reality? That is the basis behind Dandy. This community driven, crowd sharing platform held a 60 Day Challenge back in November. The winner of this challenge would then see their idea designed, funded, and developed into an application for iOS, Android, and BlackBerry 10.

One of the judges on the panel was none other than Alec Saunders, VP of Developer Relations at BlackBerry. Philip Kirkbride, the co-founder of Diaree, was also contracted to bring it to the BlackBerry platform. I am pleased to announced that the winning concept was Picture This, a picture scavenger hunt app, conceived by an engineering student at Columbia University by the name of Niger Little-Poole.

Now who doesn't love a good old fashioned scavenger hunt? It gives users the opportunity to participate in daily photo challenges and earn badges while doing so. With its real-time competition and user interaction, Picture This not only allows you to interact with friends, family and followers but with individuals from all over. Whether you are participating in the hunt of the day or adding to the existing challenges, it's entertaining, social, and a great way to create fun and memorable images. 


  • Browse fresh daily and ongoing photo challenges like 'Office Whiteboard Doodle, 'Hipster of the Year', or "View out the window'
  • Capture photos directly through the app (no camera roll photos to even the playing field)
  • Earn from an expanding list of badges like 'Fan Favorite', 'Staff Pick', 'Most Comments', and 'First to Submit'
  • Submit your own creative ideas to be featured as future challenges
  • Leave comments, vote, and share your favorite photo submissions
  • Share challenges on your favorite social networks get your friends and family in on the fun

Sharing and capturing photos is quick and easy as well as uploading to their network. All that is required is creating a profile either by registering an email address or linking to your Facebook account. 

Collaboration was key to the final product and the result is a well-built application with a pleasant interface. I for one found this to be a very interesting process and have to congratulate the Dandy team and the winner. Picture This is free to download and compatible with all BlackBerry 10 handsets.

More information/Download Picture This

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