During the general session at BlackBerry Jam Asia, PicStory made an appearance with their BB10 app. We've seen them on current BlackBerry devices as a fine filter, background, and framing app for photos, and the BlackBerry 10 version is shaping up to be an excellent sequel. There are a bunch of frames ready to go, complete with panning and zooming when cropping. Filters are the usual fare, as are the sharing options, but the performance and snappiness of the app are really worth noting. 

Okay, so there's a lot that's Instagram-ish here, but that's hardly a bad thing. There's obviously a demand for creative photo tools, and if Instagram or other big names won't adress that need on BlackBerry 10, clearly PicStory will. 

PicStory will be free when it launches alongside BlackBerry 10 at the end of January, though the devs haven't decided if they'll implement in-app purchases for premium frames, or just lean on mobile advertising. 

Any takers? What's your favorite photo editing app on BlackBerry right now?