PhotoUploader gets headless integration in the latest update

PhotoUploader is an app that allows you to automatically upload photos on your BlackBerry device to your Dropbox or Box account. We first saw this app drop in December 2013 and it was definitely an app I've been wanting, since Dropbox on BlackBerry 10 took away the ability to auto-upload photos to Dropbox. While the native Box app does allow you to do this, I use Dropbox more so would prefer if my photos were directly uploaded there.

At the time of its first release, PhotoUploader needed to stay open as an Active Frame in order to work as described. For those who didn't jump in the first time, you'll probably want to take a look this time as it has now gone headless. An app like this definitely needed to go headless and I am so glad to see that it has. 

What I like about PhotoUploader to is that there is no need to separately login to your Dropbox or Box account. As long as you are logged in to those accounts PhotoUploader can do it's thing. All you have to do it choose the directory to which you want to upload your photos to and you're done. There are other setting options too, like how often it will look for new photos or whether to just use Wi-Fi only. You can also be notified to the Hub when photos have been uploaded.

PhotoUploader v2.0.0 changelog

  • NEW: app is now headless and runs in the background!
  • NEW: debug log for more informations during / about sync
  • NEW: optional notifications to the HUB
  • NEW: optional notifications to Pebble (Smartwatch)
  • NEW: added german and polish translations

You'll notice the addition of notifications to Pebble in that list. A nice touch for Pebble users. This is something available for other developers to do too. And we'll have more on that coming soon too. So, watch this space.

If you haven't checked out PhotoUploader yet, check it out today. It's not an instant service but I'll take anyway as it is a feature I want. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 smartphones and costs $0.99. Of course, if you're updating, that won't cost you anything.

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