Photo frames and app settings now available in the latest MockIt beta update

MockIt! has just been updated again. The first non-BlackBerry developed app to be available via BlackBerry Beta Zone has been popular among those who love to create memes and I am starting see lots of device mock ups make their way around the interweb too. It's not an app for all but it's an app fit for the purpose. This latest update brings around photo frames, the third section of MockIt!, giving you the ability to create a collage using your very own photos. Glad to see this addition. All the new features and fixes in this update have come from feedback and suggestions given via the discussions forum within Beta Zone.

MockIt! Beta 4 changelog

  • Added prompts to remind users to save their creations
  • The app no longer dumps background images into your shared file space
  • Device Mock backgrounds, both custom and pre-loaded, can be edited before each use
  • New Splash screen and launch animation
  • Optimized the meme editor making it easier to use
  • Fixed some typos
  • Made many many other improvements and fixes

No easter egg this time. I didn't manage to get it last time, sadly. Anyway, you should start to see the update available within the Beta Zone app. You need to have BlackBerry 10.2 running in order to install MockIt!, as well as a Beta Zone account. Take note, if you had anything marked as favorite, they will be reset when you update.

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