BlackBerry Z10

Despite positive sentiment, a lot of people have been eager to hear some hard sales numbers for the BlackBerry Z10. The UK had a bit of a head start on us Canadians, so they've been able to tally up and announce that over 55% of their 680 locations sold out of BlackBerry Z10 units on launch weekend. No doubt the exclusive deal on the white model is contributing to Phones 4u's successful Z10 launch. Spokesperson Scott Hooton commented very positively on the launch.

"As Phones 4u is currently the only place people can get their hands on the BlackBerry Z10 in white, it has been a huge success and continues to sell extremely well. A large number of our stores DID sell out of the white model on launch weekend, but because we knew demand was so high and we didn't want anyone to miss out on getting one, we replenished stock within hours."

Phones 4u also gathered up some survey data; apparently desire for a BlackBerry smartphone has doubled since December, with 42% of respondents citing the big screen as one of their favorite features, followed by 40% that liked the faster browsing, and 31% that are digging Flow.

On the whole, this is great news to hear, but without having any kind of ballpark idea of how many units they ordered in the first place (even relative to other device launches), it's hard to seriously guage how well the BlackBerry Z10 is getting picked up in the U.K. 

How many of you trusty UK readers picked up a Z10? Any from Phones 4u? Did you have trouble finding a place that had them in stock? If you're still wondering where to get it, be sure to check out our UK BlackBerry Z10 buyer's guide.  

Source: Phones 4u