PhoneFace Updated!

One of my favorite apps for my BlackBerry was updated recently, PhoneFace, which now includes a more extensive search function where you can start typing a contact's name and it will start to automatically bring up the listing of all your contacts which allows for faster location of the contact you are trying to reach out to.

The feature, while integrated before, has been revamped and users should find it much more functional over previous versions. If you are a PhoneFace user, you are probably already aware of the upgrade. But for new users, this is a great time to to introduce yourself to the application. Be sure to check out our previous review of PhoneFace for a closer look. PhoneFace normally sells for $9.95 but is currently on sale for $7.95 until June 1st (no coupon code required). A free trial is available. For more info, screencaps and a video, follow the link below.