Phone Finder moves out of beta and into BlackBerry World

Losing your phone really sucks and while every BlackBerry 10 smartphone comes loaded with BlackBerry Protect out of the box, there's a certain level of comfort gained by having a backup solution in place, one such solution is the latest app from Nemory Studios called Phone Finder. After spending some time in the Beta Zone, Phone Finder has now arrived on BlackBerry World.

Whether it's lost at home, at work or anywhere else. Just a simple SMS, Email and you can command Phone Finder to help you locate your lost phone. It will give you so much detailed information such as direct URL to locate your phone in a map with directions, battery, SD Card, and cellular Information.


  • Existing Where's My Phone users don't have to pay for PhoneFinder
  • Battery Efficient
  • Detailed Tutorial on how to use it
  • Fast and Fluid and User-Friendly UI
  • Works without opening the app
  • Setup a Security Lock Password
  • Does not require Internet Connection (Except Email Triggers).
  • No Special External Hardware Required. The app runs entirely on your BlackBerry.
  • No monthly or annual fees. (One Time Payment with FREE Updates forever)

While it's certainly debatable whether an app like Phone Finder is even needed in a world where BlackBerry Protect exists (and is improving) there's no harm in having a secondary or even third solution should one fail or not work as expected. I'm a big fan of the three-two-one rule for backups and while this is slightly different, losing your phone could be just as problematic for you. Phone Finder supports all BlackBerry 10 smartphones running OS 10.2.1 and higher. You can hit the link to learn more, purchase ($4.99) and download the app right now.

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