Phone Assistant  v1.4.2 Helps Keep Your Contacts Numbers Organized

Have you ever come across a feature while using a different device that you wish was included on your BlackBerry? Believe it or not, I have on some Windows Mobile devices (yes, shocking I know). The Windows Mobile method of adding contacts is great, mainly because it asks you what type of contact you are adding. The BlackBerry OS defaults to the work section no matter what, so if you are adding a home number or mobile number you are forced to copy and paste the number into that section.

No longer will you have to do so though as Phone Assistant fills that void for the BlackBerry OS. Now if a contact calls you and is not in your address you will be prompted to add it and be given the option of where to add it to - Work, Mobile or Home. Awesome. Also, if your contact exists you can "merge" the contact information as well easily so that Home, Work and Mobile can all be added with great ease. It's a great feature to add to your device, especially if you are like me and are left wondering why something so small yet so functional was left out. Unfortunately, this feature that should be included free in the OS will instead set you back $3.99, but if you're a networker and always meeting and adding new contacts you'll likely get your money's worth.