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By now you've probably realized that I'm a certified theme addict and can't wait to get my hands on the latest and greatest for my BlackBerry Bold 9900. Even without TB7, developers are still finding ways to build them so those of us on OS 7 don't suffer through withdrawal. HedoneDesign is one of many popular developers to use the workaround and they've just released Phazer Theme in BlackBerry App World for all of us to enjoy. Based on the default OS 7 UI (to avoid the hiccups and folder issue) it's a simple and minimalistic theme with a small footprint to ensure you won't be draining resources. Hedone always provides solid themes that are both stylish and functional. Be sure to click on the jump to find out more.

Phazer - Default Wallpaper

First thing you notice is the design and layout of the home screen. It's clean, with a small top banner that includes easy-to-read fonts, custom battery and signal meters, and a nice sized clock in the center. While it may be simple, I like how the white and black icons stand out against their default wallpaper or whichever background I choose. While theirs may be a little dark for my taste once you switch to your own (no matter how bright or dark) the theme is bright and lively.

Phazer - Wallpaper

It's not easy designing a theme with a small file size and customization. I think HedoneDesign does a great job at balancing both to give their fans a theme that doesn't hog your battery and resources yet still offers the graphics, quality, and attention to detail we're all looking for. Phazer is no different and if you're searching for a theme that offers subtle changes to the stock that is easy to use, fast, and pleasant on the eyes then be sure to check it out in BlackBerry App World for $6.99.

While some may balk at the price for a tray theme, HedoneDesign has always delivered in terms of quality and customer service. It is compatible with BlackBerry 9350/60/70, 9650, 9700/80/88/90, 9800/10/50/60, and 9900/30/81 running OS 6 and higher.

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