If you are looking for a free, fun, shoot-em-up style game for your BlackBerry 10 smartphone then can I point out Pew Pew to you. We first announced the game some time ago on the BlackBerry PlayBook but you can also now download it for BlackBerry 10 and it looks great on the Z10's awesome display.

There are three games within the game with Pew Pew. All revolve you guiding your space craft around the screen and shooting the bad guys, but it's nice to see some variation with a free title. Within the settings you can alter where on the screen the controls are located, but essentially you move the ship with a virtual joypad on the left of the display and then operate your guns on the right. Releasing contact with your thumbs on the screen automatically pauses the game which is a nice feature - although it did confuse me a little to start. It doesn't take much!

Once you start the game for the first time there is a tutorial you can use - It's worth checking out and doesn't take long. Going back to the settings there are an array of things you can tweak so it's worth popping in there and making a few alterations if you fancy it.

The graphics may look a little retro with Pew Pew but they work remarkably well. The sound effects and music add to the tension and overall the game is a real beauty. It gets kind of hectic so take a few deep breaths before jumping in.  

And if you like Pew Pew you can also grab Pew Pew 2 - more spaceship combat action but this one comes with a price tag.

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