Petrol Usage Tracker BlackBerry 10

Brought to use by S4BB, Petrol Usage Tracker for BlackBerry 10 smartphones won't be of use to everyone, however, if you're not a business user but would like to keep an eye on how many miles/kilometers you are getting from your car this is a great way of doing so. 

The 'Built for BlackBerry' app isn't new into BlackBerry World, but I did need to point out to the developers that here in the UK we fill up using liters and not gallons. So they updated the app for me - sweet!

The idea here is just as the name suggests. Each time you go to the petrol pump you input your current mileage, amount you top up and the total price you paid. There is a 'Full Top Up' box which is ticked by default, so if you don't fill up your tank completely you can uncheck this feature. 

And so it goes on each time you fill up with gas. As you'll see in the images below (along with entering the model of car you have upon first use) you are presented with all the facts you need. Tapping the home tab or swiping to the right will give you access to a list of your top ups. You can edit these as well as share (via your BlackBerry Hub) if you need to and the greens and white on the black background looks beautiful. 

In addition, Petrol Usage Tracker has a nice Active Frame so at a glance you can view your average consumption. As well as the average Joe, this one is the perfect application for company car drivers who need to record their mileage for various reasons. It's pretty spot on if you ask me and a superb tool to have in your BlackBerry 10 arsenal. 

Give it a go and let us know what you think? It's available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and free to download. 


  • Profile management
  • Average consumption
  • Average expenses
  • Native BlackBerry 10 Interface

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