Rogers Wireless

Here's a nice pre-weekend anonymous tip for all you BlackBerry users on Rogers Wireless (I guess that includes me!)...

I just received word that Rogers will announce TOMORROW their new Personal Email on BlackBerry plan and other BlackBerry consumer promotions.

This will include the following:

  1. Personal Email on BlackBerry ($15 unlimited email and instant messaging - BlackBerry Messenger, Google Chat, Yahoo Messenger)
  2. $25/4 MB BlackBerry Plan (BIS only)
  3. and a low-priced $79 Pearl for those elgible for Hardware Upgrades

I will post more details when the "official" release comes out. I'd have to say this is a great move by Rogers. Following T-Mobile's lead, this should put more Berrys in the hands of consumers and will blow out inventory of 8100 Pearls (hopefully to make room for the 8120 Pearl which I hope Rogers brings out soon!).

** UPDATE: Looks like our tip was's the official ad!