Personal Assistant 3

I was wrong. There, I said it. When we took a look at Phone Assistant back in April, I mentioned that this application acts as, well, your personal assistant (coincidence? I think not). Personal Assistant keeps you in the loop for a variety of important issues throughout the day. From this application, you can keep an eye on your travel itinerary, bill management (with mobile minute tracker), banking, portfolio and credit card management. Your information is laid out in front of you in amazing detail. This makes it easy to get updated at a glance, which allows you to focus on making the most of your day to day.

So what was I wrong about? Well I was wrong in saying that it didn’t suck up to you (the boss). Why do I say that? Just check out what’s available in the latest update made back in May to Personal Assistant 3.0; from their product description:

  • Integration with your calendar, all upcoming events, including bill due dates and upcoming itineraries will automatically be added to the calendar.
  • The application is running in the background and as a result is now super fast, over 1000% performance improvement from previous versions.
  • The Enhanced Notification feature was already introduced in version 2.5 and now has enhanced capabilities with more alerts, such as APR change to your credit card and more. Also, all alerts are shown aggregated in a new alert tab.
  • More readable account information screens and ability to refresh all accounts at once (refresh all available only for the premium version).

Still no word of when it will be able to get you your coffee or not, though you could call and order it yourself. Personal Assistant comes in a free and premium version, both of which are available in BlackBerry App World. I'm not sure why Pageonce sent an email to subscribers almost 3 months after it was updated, claiming it was "new" and "now available". It even caught me off guard. Thanks to those who pointed it out to me.

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