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OK full disclosure - I'm not a developer; I have not written a line of code since 1988.  Now with that out of the way, Perfecto Mobile has extended access to its MobileCloud platform to BlackBerry developers for free.  If you're unfamiliar with Perfecto's MobileCloud, it's a development platform that gives you access to devices without the need to install the simulator on your computer.

As my disclaimer says I'm not a developer but this sounds like a pretty handy tool to have access to.  With the multiple types of devices a developer has to accommodate for when developing an application not needing to have multiple simulators running on your computer would be a real asset.

The MobileCloud platform also allows you to test your application across multiple networks in various geographic regions.  Currently their devices are located in Canada, USA, UK, France, India and Israel.  I can see the many benefits of this ability.

More information on the Perfecto MobileCloud

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Perfecto Mobile, a provider of cloud-based mobile testing, today announced the free availability of its MobileCloud to members of the BlackBerry developer community. Through this exclusive offer, BlackBerry developers will receive free hours each month to use Perfecto's MobileCloud for remote testing and collaboration between group members, providing Web access to real BlackBerry smartphones operating live in mobile networks worldwide.

The MobileCloud offers BlackBerry developers access to testing on a variety of popular BlackBerry smartphones including the BlackBerry® BoldTM 9700, BlackBerry® BoldTM 9000, BlackBerry® CurveTM 8900, and BlackBerry® TorchTM 9800 smartphones, as well as older models available on demand. The service offers developers a variety of features and automated testing tools such as the ability to retrieve BlackBerry logs, direct installation of applications, power cycle, intelligent automation features such as smart navigation inside Web pages, the ability to smoothly collaborate through the use of session recordings or online sharing, videos and reports distributed in all popular formats, and much more.

"Two out of three of the most popular devices on our MobileCloud are BlackBerry smartphones," said Eran Yaniv, CEO of Perfecto Mobile. "In our experience, serious developers of business-critical applications give top priority to BlackBerry smartphone porting and compatibility, and we're pleased to offer them the resources required to bring top-notch applications to market."

"Perfecto Mobile's MobileCloud helps developers test their applications and websites on a wide variety of BlackBerry smartphones from virtually any location around the world," said Tyler Lessard, vice president of Global Alliances & Developer Relations, Research In Motion. "MobileCloud can help BlackBerry developers test that they are delivering reliable user experiences with apps that take advantage of unique capabilities and run consistently across different BlackBerry smartphones around the world."

Perfecto Mobile is making this offer to introduce developers to the MobileCloud platform through which developers all over the world can easily install applications and test their functionality and compatibility without having to actually obtain the devices or rely solely on virtual simulators or emulators. In addition, any official member of the BlackBerry developer community wishing to purchase more hours or subscribe to the more advanced test automation and monitoring services can do so at a 30 percent discount.

For more information, please visit the MobileCloud service from Perfecto Mobile.

About Perfecto Mobile
Perfecto Mobile is a provider of cloud-based testing, automation and monitoring solutions for mobile applications and websites, using a wide selection of REAL mobile devices accessible via the Web. Perfecto Mobile's MobileCloudTM Platform enables developers and testers to access and control a comprehensive range of the latest mobile devices connected to live networks worldwide. Users can rely on Perfecto Mobile's handsets and tablets to develop, test, deploy and monitor their mobile applications and services without having to physically obtain them. Among Perfecto Mobile's customers are Vodafone, Swisscom, Motorola and additional leading enterprises in travel, finance, retail, telecom and other industries. For further information about Perfecto Mobile remote testing services, please go to 

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