BlackBerry Mobile hosted a swanky KEYone launch party last week in Toronto. The Hazelton Hotel venue was transformed from restaurant/lounge into a proper modern event space complete with thoughtful engagement areas where guests could explore demo devices, partake in bourbon tasting, have KEYone notebooks and luggage tags monogrammed and even take home hand-rolled cigars as a memento. An area was setup with skeleton keys where partygoers could pull a key with #KEYone engraved on the back for a chance to win one of the devices. Nice details made everything feel very cohesive.

As CBK I've been to almost every launch event in the past decade and this totally had vibes of the good 'ole days, but BETTER. It was a nice evening and felt like a classy event. Musician Serena Ryder took the stage and performed for the crowd and I think I saw a few other famous Canadians floating around enjoying themselves as well.

We got some key CB VIPs in the area invited to the event too so it was great to speak with everyone about all things BlackBerry KEYone. As the device at this point is fully unveiled the evening felt much more like a celebration. Cocktails were BlackBerry themed and the food and service were on point. Plenty of KEYones were set up as touchpoints and there were loads of positive reactions throughout the room. Don't miss the video embedded above!

We're quickly approaching North American availability for the BlackBerry KEYone so be sure to check out my Final Countdown From the Editor's Desk for even more of the latest happenings in BlackBerry KEYone land.