BlackBerry Z3

With BlackBerry's latest 'budget' handset, the Z3, going on sale this month in Indonesia we already know that the device sold out at most retailers in the country - which is always encouraging, although maybe annoying for some prospective buyers.

BlackBerry has had a respectable market share in Indonesia for some years now and long may that continue. But with the Z3 hitting the scene first in the country I was interested to find out if new users have been tempted to switch to BlackBerry from another OS due to the Z3's very respectable price tag.

I'm sure many long term legacy BlackBerry users would have made the transition to the Z3, but it's whether BlackBerry's most recent offering has made you consider the move to BlackBerry 10 I'm interested in.

So hit up the poll below and cast your vote - and feel free to sound off in the comments. Once the Z3 rolls out in other countries we'll also ask the same question to get an overall result.