BlackBerry KEYone owners are loving the long battery life!

When the BlackBerry KEYone was announced as coming with a 3505mAh battery, the largest ever put in a BlackBerry, many folks were left wondering how that would translate to real world use considering battery life has always been a concern amongst BlackBerry users. As the KEYone is now making its way into the hands of owners, folks are sharing their battery life stories and well, BlackBerry KEYone owners are loving the long battery life!

05-23-17 12:48 AM

So I've been in Europe all week with my KEYone and waking up at 7am, using my phone all day, got back at midnight last night and still had lots of battery using it all day. This thing is AMAZING. I don't care what device you're coming from, you will be impressed. I've never had such a workhorse of a BlackBerry and I've been using them for over a decade. Could not be more happy!


That is, of course, just one of many comments on the battery life found in the CrackBerry Forums. There's plenty more to be found in all the video reviews and written reviews from around the web to refer to as well, including CrackBerry Kevin's, which highlights even under demanding situations, the KEYone battery lives up to the hype.

I can vouch for the battery life myself as well. I've always based my battery life experiences on whether or not I can use a device for a full day, go to bed without charging it and be able to start my next day without worry and that's certainly the case with the KEYone. I can not only start my day but make it through most of the second day when using the KEYone which is awesome!

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