Peep It 

Ever find yourself wanting to read a message on BlackBerry Messenger but either don't have the time to reply, or you just want to know what was said without feeling obligated to reply? Well one of the greatest evils about BlackBerry Messenger is that it shows when a message has been delivered and then once it has been read it changes to "R" -- that was the case until now. Peep It, a new application that is currently in beta in the CrackBerry forums, allows you to read the messages without having them mark as read. The application will require your device to be running OS 5 or above and you do need to enable 'save chat history' in your BBM options for it to do its job.

You will read your messages through the external application and replying is quite simple -- all you have to do is press the Menu key, launch BBM and it will bring you right into the conversation, marking the message as read. Currently the folks at Epic Applications are seeking feedback on the application,so hit the link below, try it out and be sure to let them know how things go for you!

More information / download of Peep It