PeeKaWho Gets Updated!

I swear, these email pop-up apps -- PeeKaWho and Email Alerts -- have got to be two of the most frequently updated apps in the ShopCrackBerry store... but that's ok, as each update seems to usher in a host of new features and improvements...

If you're not already familiar with PeeKaWho, be sure to check out our CrackBerry Review. As for this latest version, 1.170, here are some of the highlights of what's new:

  • HTML Preview in the popup. Previously this wasn't here. Caveats, if the email is an automated "spam" email w/ lots of table tags, it won't parse well. Most human composed HTML parse well.
  • PeeKaLab (Think GoogleLab) where users can try out cool / edgy features. This version has LED Alerts / Concise Popup Text / PeeKaLight (using your BB as a flashlight).
  • Option to Confirm Delete
  • Option to change text size (In PeeKaLab Screen)
  • After purchase, new users can use Auto Activate. Also, any new update after this, no need to reactivate.
  • Mark as read from Popup
  • Keyboard shortcuts
For more information on version 1.170 upgrades, click here. Have I mentioned lately how much I LOVE having email popups on my BlackBerry? LIFE CHANGING. If you haven't given PeeKaWho a go yet, a free trial is available, which I suggest you check out. Purchase price is $10, which I think is cheap considering just how often this app gets used on your device once installed.