Last month, we had a look at the Baby GO! and Super Baby GO! applications from Zeebu mobile. If you’re too lazy to click here to check out the review, I’ll sum it up for you. The applications turn your BlackBerry into a source of entertaining and educational activities for your little rug rat. Various activities are available; an alphabet zoo, phonics and letter blocks, to name a few. It locks out every other BlackBerry function and eliminates any worries, other than physical or liquid damage. You set up a password, email address or key combination to return to normal functionality.

Recently, Zeebu Mobile released another BlackBerry app called Peek-A-GO!. An update of the timeless peek-a-boo game (which still makes me giggle), Peek-A-GO! caters to young crowd; 0 to 3 years of age that is. Unlike Baby GO/ Super Baby GO, there is only one activity to play. Your child will have to press multiple buttons to reveal what is behind the curtain; which turn out to be animals (both real and fictional). It’s a great way to engage the attention of your child, as short as it is. The only problem I have is competing with my son for time with my BlackBerry. You can pick up Peek-A-GO! from BlackBerry App World for $2.99 USD.

  • More information/download Peek-A-GO at BlackBerry App World >>

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