If you've been paying attention to your BB10 Countdown there are less than 55 days left until the launch event. Until then, let us enjoy a brand new theme from the team at drkapprenticeDESIGNS. By now you are probably familiar with their outstanding coding skills and Peek is their latest replica theme that happens to take a cue from BB10. Peek transforms your display into that unique style right down to the colors and icons, all with a simple click of your left homescreen.

Don't let the simple homescreen fool you this theme is chock full of surprises. Almost everything is customizable with a hotkey from the color of the clock and the weather slot, to the bottom dock and notifications. However, that's not the only thing that makes this theme stand out from the rest.

Peek homescreen


  • See 7 entries for Messages, Calendar, Tasks, Memos, BBM, SMS, Facebook and Twitter hidden behind your wallpaper. (click the left side of the homescreen between the weather slot and the bottom icon. Click the icons on the bottom bar to chose your today entries to display. Click the "back" arrow to hide the today area.)
  • Weather slot (slot1) and bottom dock (slot2- slot7) give you access to your most used applications.
  • FOCUS ON TOP BANNER and click Alt+O changes clock on main screen to white
  • FOCUS ON TOP BANNER and click Alt+I changes clock on main screen to black
  • Click Alt+O to show the bottom dock
  • Click Alt+I to hide the bottom dock
  • Click Alt+Q to hide the new message Glow
  • Click Alt+P to show the new message Glow
  • Click Alt+V to hide notifications
  • Click Alt+B to show notifications
  • Alt + 0-9 to change the line color on the today screen.

Peek Hidden Today

While those are great features, the main attraction is BB10. Where is it you may ask? Simply move your cursor to the left of the screen (a white bar will appear), and click. Once you do that the hidden array (with today screen) glides out. From here you have access to all of your most used applications and messages including Facebook and Twitter by scrolling through the icons at the bottom. I don't know if it's just me, but the fact that it moves the homescreen to the side is just an amazing effect.

What everyone will love about this one is not just the attention to detail it displays but how much like BB10 it is. The menu bar and line colors can be changed as well from one of nine different choices. To return to the normal view users just need to click on the convenient back button.

As we anticipate the release of BB10, there's no doubt that themes will be missed on the newer platform. Peek is certainly a great blend of the two thanks to drkapprenticeDESIGNS. It's fast, smooth, and has a ton of options to free up space for your favorite wallpapers. You won't be switching off this anytime soon and it has earned a permanent place in my rotation. If you want the look and feel of BB10 before it hits the market then be sure to grab this at the link below. As of now it's available for 99xx devices for $1.99.

More information/screenshots and to purchase Peek