Pebble smart watch app Talk2Watch updated

Third party Pebble app, Talk2Watch landed in BlackBerry World not too long ago for anyone who owns a Pebble smart watch. While there are a few Pebble apps available for BlackBerry 10 already, Talk2Watch came as the most fully-featured one to date. With music control, better notifications and more. It certainly became my default Pebble app and will be for the forseeable future. 

The developer is active in the forums and welcomes any feedback and suggestions. Active enough that we already have an update. It's a small update but rest assured there will be more.

Talk2Watch update changelog

  • Much lower power consumption
  • Improvements with active sync
  • Scalable RSSI measurements
  • Automatic time sync on app start
  • HTTP post feature for scripts

If you have a Pebble smart watch, Talk2Watch is a highly recommended app on BlackBerry 10. What's more it's free.

Learn more / Download Talk2Watch from BlackBerry World
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