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Opera Mini 5 for BlackBerry
10. Opera Mini 5
Viigo for BlackBerry! 17. Viigo for BlacBerry

As the end of the year approaches, you're bound to see lots of Best of 2009 type posts pop up aroud the web for all sorts of things. I know we'll be running our Cracky awards in the weeks ahead. Over at PC Mag today, Sascha Segan put up his holiday list of smartphone app freebies, covering 100 free apps on different platforms. For BlackBerry smartphones, Sascha went through 20 awesome and free BlackBerry apps:

  1. AP Mobile News 2.5.5
  2. BBNotePad 1.1.2
  3. Bloomberg Mobile
  4. Bolt Browser 1.5
  5. Facebook
  6. FlashLight 1.0.2
  7. Gmail 2.0.6
  8. GoogleMaps 3.2
  9. Ka-Glom 1.4
  10. Opera Mini 5.0 beta
  11. Poynt
  12. Qik Livestreaming 1.0.15
  13. Slacker Radio for BlackBerry 2.0.91
  14. ScoreMobile 1.2
  15. Stitcher Podcast Radio 1.2.14
  16. UberTwitter
  17. Viigo for BlackBerry 3.1.486
  18. Vlingo 3.2
  19. WeatherBug
  20. WorldMate Live

There you have it! Be sure to click over to PC Mag's full listing so you can get the blurb on each one. Are your favorite free BlackBerry apps on the list above? Did they miss any? If so, be sure to drop them in the comments to this post!

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