PayPal for BlackBerry updated to v1.1.1.301 - Minor bug fixes included

PayPal for BlackBerry has just been updated. BlackBerry App World recently gave out the notification for users to go ahead and download the update. As noted in the release, it is just simply bug fixes for the application. Personally having used the app since its intial release, I've never really had any issues with it. If you frequent using the PayPal app from your BlackBerry, you'll want to grab the update in case it covers some bugs you may have noticed that I have not. Keep in mind it may not as of yet have filtered all the way through BlackBerry App World, so if it's not showing yet, just check back later. Oddly though BlackBerry App World online shows .309. Might just be an error in the listing but I'm not certain. When the download is done, it does show as .301