Linux is considered one of the world's fastest-growing operating system, but learning how to code and program for the platform could be time extensive and expensive — until today!

Right now, you can get a full suite of courses from CrackBerry Digital Offers, and best of all you get to choose how much you pay. It's another Pay What You Want deal that features four courses with a combined valued of $1,180.

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Featuring 22 hours of training, the topics include:

  • Introduction to Programming and Coding for Everyone with JavaScript
  • Linux V7 Essentials
  • Linux V7 System Administration
  • Fundamentals of Operating Systems

To get all four courses, all you need to do is beat the average price (currently floating around $10), or you can make a play to beat the leader price and be entered to win an epic giveaway. Pay less than the average price and you still get the Fundamentals of Operating Systems course, which is valued at $295!

The choice is yours! Take a look at this great deal and decide how much you want to pay!

Become a Linux Master for less!

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