Pay It Forward

You may or may not have seen the Pay It Forward thread in the CrackBerry forums. The idea behind it is that members offer up BlackBerry items (devices, accessories etc.) to those in need. All they ask in return is that you offer up something for someone else as well. The premise is simple, and the thread has taken off since its creation.

Well our very own naviwilliams wanted to get in on the action (normally we wouldn't post things like this in the blogs, but Ivan is one of the original CrackBerry members. He was registered within the first few days of the site's creation, and to date has over 7,000 forums posts). Well after receiving his new BlackBerry Bold 9700, he decided that his Bold 9000 should head off to a new home. Given the season, what better way than to pay it forward to someone in need. There are so many people out there who deserve a BlackBerry, but just don't have the means to pick one up. The device is used but in great condition, and comes with a Power Station, USB cable, manual and a 2GB memory card. We can even get the device unlocked so the recipient won't be restricted to one carrier. So here's how it works - leave a comment on this post and nominate someone you know to receive this device. Tell us their story, why they would be a great candiate or what makes them special. The contest will end this Sunday, when we'll run through the comments and choose the most deserving person. In the spirit of the contest, we ask that you comment honestly and don't try to take what isn't yours. Sure, everyone wants a free device, but lets find this one a good home with someone who really deserves it. Big thanks to naviwilliams for offering up this device.