As Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 was released only a little under a month ago, it is only natural for Adobe to start touring around the world showing us wonderers what the future with professional tools from Adobe could look like. Dubbed "Adobe CS5 Creativity Evolved", Adobe Certified Experts Paul Trani and Terry White take over the digitally-dependent world among other Adobe experts to demonstrate and discuss the tremendous library of functions contained within Adobe's freshly released software package.

Just a couple of days ago, on May 6, the touring evangelists from Adobe found their way to Helsinki, Finland, where I had the privilege to meet them and attend the event. All in all, it was a great experience to be in a seminar/keynote for the first time in my life. And the fact I am blogging about it now is what makes the experience that much more better, too!

To keep it short, after the event I talked to Flash Platform Evangelist Paul Trani, asking his comments on the BlackBerry PlayBook and other tablets. I must agree with Mr. Trani, it seems that everything is moving towards (mobile) devices and that we are slowly shifting away from the traditional computer setup for our daily tasks. Personally, after receiving my free BlackBerry PlayBook (more on that later), I have found certain usage cases where it is more comfortable to use my PlayBook versus my MacBook, and if at some point I can do everything on the PlayBook without the need to carry my heavy notebook computer, then I'm all in!

So watch the video, comment and stay tuned for more coverage on Adobe's CS5 Creativity Evolved event. Lots of stuff about mobile application development and Adobe Creative Suite 5.5 to follow.

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