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I'm a big fan of keeping my device locked, but I prefer a much quicker way to access it over the standard lock button or password lock -- for this I love PatternLock. PatternLock, the third party device locking app for BlackBerry, has finally been updated for BlackBerry 7 touchscreen devices. The app lets you set a simple pattern on your device that allows you to easily secure your BlackBerry while giving you quick access via the touchscreen. Set your pattern, lock options, background and more in this totally customizable app. Features include:

  • Many autolock options such as startup and device inactivity
  • Lock individual applications, call screen or the entire device
  • Disable autolock when in predefined locations
  • Backup/Restore options to encrypted file
  • Custom background image, and tons of customization options
  • Theme-able lock screen using PatternLock .pltheme/.plthemehd files
  • Show notifications on the lock screen
  • Emergency call support
  • Assign to hardware lock key
  • Show weather info from BerryWeather (BeWeather) 2.2+
  • Lock out the device if the incorrect pattern is entered a maximum times.
  • The funnest, most customizable way to lock your touchscreen BlackBerry!

PatternLock is on sale now and is available for touchscreen devices for just $1.99 in BlackBerry App World. 

More information/download of PatternLock

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