*Update* We received an email from Emmalee Kremer of the Hatch Agency stating that in the interview with Dave Morin "there was a misunderstanding as there are no plans to develop for Blackberry at this time." That's a bummer.

One of the big social applications that is still missing from BlackBerry 10 is Path. That is all set to change next year as the companies CEO Dave Morin has stated on record that a BlackBerry app will be available in 2014. 

We presume this means BlackBerry 10 - although he didn't say this, but that would make sense. The announcement was made on Indonesian television - a country where not only Path has a huge user base, but also BlackBerry itself does too. 

I'm also presuming that the application will be native for BlackBerry 10. If it were to be a port of their Android app then I would have thought it would have already been released or alternatively we wouldn't need to wait until next year for it. 

Morin didn't give away when in 2014 the application would be ready but for Path users it will certainly be an added attraction or incentive when considering the move to BlackBerry 10. I've not used the app myself on another platform. Have you? Sound off in the comments and let us know if you think this will be a big deal.