Password manager app Symple ID now has headless support so you can tap to sign in even faster

We first posted about an app called Symple ID back in April 2014 calling for support for a Kickstarter that was bring the app to the BlackBerry platform. The Kickstarter received its funding and we reviewed the app in August 2014. There have been a few updates in here but recently it saw a nice update that brings a headless element to it.

For those who have never heard of the app, it's a password manager type app that utilizes NFC on BlackBerry 10 smartphones. You simply have to tap your NFC tag in order to login to your favorite sites. That allows you to use complex password for websites without having to remember them all. You can read our review, complete with video, to see the app in action.

Since our review there have been some updates. We actually saw an update earlier in the year that finally brought Firefox support, which was something many had been wanting from the beginning, as well as the ability to securely backup and restore passwords. In the most recent update Symple ID has now gone headless, so you can tap to sign-in even faster than before.

Symple ID backup and restore options

When you load a website login page on your browser, you will now receive a notification to the Hub and Symple ID will automatically open ready for you to tap to sign-in, eliminating the process of having to open the app first. Definitely a nice feature.

Symple ID Hub notification

Symple ID is currently my goto password managing app. And one I'd recommend, especially with all the new updates.

The app itself is free to download but you will need a subscription to use the app. For new users, there's a starter kit which includes a year's license and a choice of NFC tag. You can visit the Symple ID website for more details. Check out our review to help you decide.

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