Password Keeper on BlackBerry 10 is one of those tools where if you use it, you're not sure how you lived without it and now, it's even better than before. A new update filtering through BlackBerry World brings the often overlooked app into v10.3.0.54, and it is perhaps the biggest update to Password Keeper we've seen in quite a while. Thankfully, BlackBerry included a full change log for everyone so let's take a look.

  • Added support for the Password Keeper Browser, to fill in login information when you tap the website for a password record.
  • Added the ability to scan for Passwords that are weak or potentially affected by the Heartbleed bug.
  • Made unlocking and viewing password list faster.
  • Changed the filtered search feature that sometimes returned an empty list.
  • Optimized the experience for the BlackBerry Passport smartphone.
  • Enhanced search in the main password list, to start the search when you begin typing.

One undocumented change happened as well; the icon was updated to a newer flatter design to keep things in line with BlackBerry 10.3 and BlackBerry 10.3.1. Overall, it's a pretty awesome update to Password Keeper so be sure to grab it from BlackBerry World if you haven't already.

Download Password Keeper from BlackBerry World