At BlackBerry Jam I was lucky enough to be a judge at the Super Hackathon Jam Session that took place on Monday before the conference (you can read about that here). Part of what I loved was seeing how amazing BlackBerry developers are. They are so passionate about the platform and it totally shows. These Jam Sessions are continuing across the globe so that developers all over can be a part of something special. 

The video above is from one of the Jam Sessions in  Brazil a few weeks ago. It takes the same format as others, giving developers 10 hours to complete an application from start to finish. There were a bunch of hungry developers out to try and win top honors, and thanks to a little Red Bull fuel, there were some awesome apps at the end of the day. What's great here is that you can really see the passion from the winning teams at the end of the video. I love this stuff. 

More information about BlackBerry Jam Sessions