A passion for hardware and having strong products is key for BlackBerry Mobile

When it was announced that TCL would be licensing the BlackBerry brand to create BlackBerry Mobile, many folks were wondering what BlackBerry Mobile could do with the brand that BlackBerry could not and what the markers for success would be once things began rolling. In a new interview with TCL's Nicolas Zibell from Chris Foxx at the BBC, we finally get some answers to those questions.

For as much as John Chen did to turn BlackBerry around, it never really felt as though he had a passion for hardware. He was always software focused, and there's nothing wrong with that, but when you're trying to move away from hardware while still dealing with selling hardware, people are going to pick up on that.

With BlackBerry Mobile, there is a dedication to the hardware side of things so they not only have the passion, but the capability to build a strong set of products. As we learned on our podcast with Steve Cistulli, the still fresh BlackBerry KEYone is just one device from a planned portfolio of devices.

Speaking of Steve and the CrackBerry podcast, in a separate portion of the interview with the BBC, Nicolas dropped some additional details about the 'Mercury' codename and how it came about plus, offers up some interesting information on how they came to end up on the BlackBerry KEYone name as well.