Parrot - Voice Recorder

We first went hands on with Parrot - Voice Recorder for BlackBerry 10 back in April 2013 and it's stayed on my BlackBerry ever since. It's not an app I use very often but as most of the content on my Q10 is productivity based Parrot had to remain. The 'Built for BlackBerry' app has been updated with a sweet selection of enhancements for both the free and the pro edition. 

For simple voice recording, Parrot does a stirling job and now with the ability to record phone calls within the pro version I'm sure it's going to gain some popularity as it's been a while since we last took a look at it. 

With a beautiful black, white and green user interface - Parrot ticks all the boxes for me. Give the free version a go and if you like what you see you'll only have to shell out £2.00/$2.99 to unlock Parrot Pro. 

New Pro Features:

  • Call Recording: You can now be prompted or automatically record phone calls within parrot. Tested to work with OS 10.2.1
  • Password Protection: Password protect your track lists. We have implemented one-way encryption using the BlackBerry OS Cryptographic kernel. Passwords can be recovered using your BlackBerry ID
  • Import tracks: Bring your outside recordings into Parrot to manage them.
  • Media Key: The media key can be enabled to start and stop recordings. 

New features for everyone:

  • A brand-new icon, theme and style to the app. You’ll notice sharper lines and a darker palette.
  • Speed Boost: We have worked hard on making the app load faster and feel smother. 

Two new permissions have been added: 

  • Phone - Allows Parrot to listen for phone calls to start and stop recordings. 
  • Post Notifications: Allows Parrot to prompt users on the call screen outside of the app to record their current call. *For those of you that do not plan to use call recordings, feel free to deny these permissions.*

More information/Download Parrot - Voice Recorder (free) for BlackBerry 10