We first took a look at Parrot - Voice Recorder, on video, back in April 2013 and it got the thumbs up from me. The fantastic native BlackBerry 10 app has been updated several times since those early days, however today sees a massive new release, now that OS 10.3.1 is out.

There is both a free version and Pro edition of Parrot so you can test the water, so to speak. As you would imagine, the Pro version gives you an enriched experience and is bursting with features. To see them in full just hit up the BlackBerry World link at the base of the post.

Updated for Pro users:

  • Phone call recording file names now include the contact name or number of the caller.

  • Added prompts for calls received from the background service of the app (headless app). You now have the ability to choose whether or not to every call.

  • Greatly improved the reliability of the background service staying live. The background service will automatically restart if it has been closed by the operating system once you open the app. It can also be restarted from the phone calls settings screen.

  • Displaying warnings when a silent phone call recording is detected and includes instructions for how to fix the issue when it arrises.

Updated for ALL users:

  • A new equalizer with 18 presets for the media player including Voice Boost, Acoustic and Bass Boost.

  • Added support for the selection of microphone channels - either stereo (2 channels) or mono (1 channel).

  • Improved the speed and pace of the recording wave, especially for users on the Passport.

  • Added better trackpad focus handling on the Classic.

  • Added support for Passport keyboard scrolling on the Play and Share screens.

  • Reduced the shadow on the app icon.

  • A number of bug fixes, optimizations and user interface improvements.

Parrot won't be for everyone, but if you're looking for a high quality voice recording app then this is as good as it gets in my opinion. And nice to see such great developer support two years after release.

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