Parrot update BlackBerry 10

The popular BlackBerry 10 voice recording application Parrot has received a mammoth update bringing it to version One of the new added options is that there is now a pro version which can be downloaded through an in-app purchase. 

If the list of awesome features in Parrot Pro is attractive it will only cost you £2.00/$2.99 which looks to be good value to me. If not - just enjoy the basics with the free edition which we took a look at some time ago on video

Version 2.0 includes a ton of upgrades, bug fixes and optimizations:

PARROT PRO (Available as in-app purchase):

  • Attachments: Attach notes, photos, contacts and GPS locations to recordings while you're recording, saving or viewing track details. Attachments added during the track will be tagged with times (this allows you to add great bookmarks for later on). Attachments can be viewed, changed and deleted through the track details page
  • Record to SD Storage: Record directly to your SD card (including SDHC 16GB, 32GB and 64GB cards)
  • Sort tracks: Sort by date, name, duration, file size and storage location in both ascending and descending orders quickly and easy
  • Tap Anywhere Recording: Tap anywhere on the recording screen to start and stop recordings (can be disabled/enabled)
  • Refresh All: Refresh all your tracks to update durations and file sizes with one simple tap
  • First Priority Service: First priority feedback, feature requests, help and updates for Pro members

To buy Parrot Pro, upgrade, open Parrot, tap the menu button in the bottom left and navigate to the Parrot Pro tab. Simply tap the upgrade button, then you will be presented with payment options through BlackBerry World.


  • A brand new track list that has more information including file size and storage location (through an icon)
  • Refresh single tracks to update duration and file size
  • SDK updates to help fix issues for those who were experiencing the crackling voice input issue
  • Easier access to the Settings page through the More button
  • Easy access to permissions through the settings page
  • Numerous bug fixes, optimizations and visual improvements


We hate asking for permissions just as much as you hate allowing them. In this update, we ask for two new permissions which are used exclusively in Parrot Pro mode:

  • Location: We use location services to mark the start and end of a recording to allow you to optionally attach a location when you are saving a recording. Your location is not stored remotely or beyond the time of the recording
  • Contacts: We use access to contacts to allow you to attach a contact to a recording. This allows us to access a contact's name and photo. We do not change, alter, store or transmit the contact information in any remote fashion. The contact's name and photo are attached to the track upon your request

Both of these permissions are optional. If you upgrade to Parrot Pro in the future and wish to add a contact or location, simply enable them in your Application Permissions and restart the app.

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