Parrot - Voice Recorder

We first took a look at the superb BlackBerry 10 voice recording application, Parrot, just over a year ago (on video) and although it's not an app I use myself very often I have to say that it's remained on my device ever since and potentially it should be on every business persons BlackBerry.

As I'm sure you have gathered - I was rather impressed with Parrot and with the massive amount of enhancements introduced in this latest update it just got a whole lot better.

If you've not tried the free version why not give it a go? If you like what you see you may also be tempted to purchase the Pro version which is only £2.00 via an in-app payment.

New additions include:

  • Search: You can now easily search your files in both Play and Share through a search bar which can be activated by tapping the search icon.

  • Backup: You back up your files automatically (formerly known as automatic copy) or Manually (backup your full track list) through the track Management option in settings.

  • Mass Delete: Delete tracks and phone calls (pro only) older than 7 days, 14 days, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months or a year with the tap of a button. We have also added the ability to delete your whole track list. All of this is password protected in the Pro (if enabled).

  • Improved visual recording wave by increasing speed and smoothness.

  • Added support for Vietnamese and Russian languages.

  • Select All in your track list from the action bar.

  • Fixed Rename bug where the file extension would show up in the dialog.

  • Added unobtrusive banner advertisements at the bottom of screens for free users. They can be removed by upgrading to the Pro edition.

Download Parrot - Voice Recorder for BlackBerry 10