Traffic Wonder for BlackBerry PlayBook

Lately we have seen quite a number of good games land on the BlackBerry PlayBook, and this has been a great thing for all of us PlayBook owners. Recently the developers over at YoAbulante have released a new game to BlackBerry App World, Traffic Wonder. The concept of the game sounds really easy, guide the cars to their garage without having a collision with another car.  Sounds super easy and you are probably wondering how fun that could be, right? Well each level gets progressively harder, adding more cars to the tracks, making the tracks harder to navigate, and it gets quite challenging.

With 60 different levels, and constantly changing gameplay, Traffic Wonder becomes quite addictive, and very quickly. Whether looking to pass a couple of minutes by, or kill a few hours, Traffic Wonder is definitely a game you will want to check out. For only 99 cents you can have yourself 60 levels of fun, great graphics, and hours of fun, how can you go wrong?

More information and to buy Traffic Wonder 

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