Paris Hilton Sells Out On Her BlackBerry Love

Oh my! Longtime BlackBerry user Paris Hilton has sold out on her love for BlackBerry. For which device you may be asking? 5 devices actually. While in Dubai to promote the Middle Eastern version of her show "My New BFF", which was sponsored by Sony Ericsson who gave the Hilton heiress not one, but 5 brand new devices to use to which Paris was quoted speaking about the phones given to her:

“One is even like a watch with a phone on it and it’s so cool,” she said. “So I’m switching my BlackBerry to Sony Ericcson today. Sorry BlackBerry, I’m now a Sony Ericcson user and very excited.”

So there ya have it folks, all you need to buy Paris' love is to give her 5 new Sony Ericsson phones and sponsor the filming of her show. Now all joking aside, anyone wanna take a guess as to how long it will be before the next image of her is posted using a BlackBerry? Once you go Crack, you can't go back to a dumbphone... it just doesn't work like that.

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