Paris Hilton with her BlackBerry Torch

You know what I like most about Paris Hilton? Her loyalty to BlackBerry. Once she ditched her old SideKick (that got hacked) and picked up her first BlackBerry, over the years I have yet to see her waver. She gets BlackBerry. Always on, Always Connected. It's not about killing time. It's about getting stuff done.

Typically rocking the latest and greatest gsm BlackBerry, Paris Hilton has now made the upgrade to the BlackBerry Torch. She whipped it out last week to snap a photo with the new 5 megapixel camera while launching her 2011 Shoe Collection. So what do you think? The right BlackBerry for an heiress? Or should she have held onto her Bold 9700 in hopes of a BlackBerry 6 leak dropping soon for it?

Source: CBS